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Building Strong Relationships between Parents and Jewish Educators

Jan 25, 2016

By Judy Alexander

Throughout my twenty-year tenure of serving as an educator in my local Jewish community, I’ve found one thing that ensures success for Jewish educators: building strong relationships with parents. Jewish educators and parents must work together to create fun and meaningful learning opportunities. When parents aren’t involved in a child’s Jewish education, the student can lose interest and motivation. To keep students engaged, Jewish educators need to engage parents.

Here are some suggestions on how to do this successfully:


How to Keep Your Congregation Engaged

Sep 22, 2014

Your website should be a strong, prosperous and engaging online home for your community. Your members and prospective members need reasons to visit your website and return again and again to ensure that your digital portal is doing its job. After exploring your Google Analytic data, you may notice that some of your visitors are leaving your site quickly. To help you increase the length of time visitors spend on your site, we’ve compiled a list of five helpful suggestions:


Celebrating Holidays

Aug 26, 2014

We've recently launched a website in honor of an organization’s 150th anniversary. What a beautiful way to honor this milestone! However, I often wonder why organizations wait for anniversaries to launch a new website? Do we need special occasions as an excuse for a website refresh? Instead of waiting for your organization’s next milestone, we encourage you to bring some extra attention now to your website. 

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